The Menu

Onion Bhaji (4) £3.50

Samosa (2) £3.50

Freshly made triangular shape pastry stuffed with a range of spicy options

Chicken/ Meat /Vegetable

Tikka Starter £3.95

Boneless morsels of chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt & spices

Chicken/ Lamb

Tandoori Chicken Starter £3.50

Quarter spring chicken marinated with yoghurt & spices & boiled in the tandoor

Khass Seek Kebab (2) £3.95

Succulent skewered minced lamb kebabs

Chicken Kebab £4.25

Minced chicken kebabs

Prawn Puri £4.50

Spicy prawns served with deep fried brown bread

King Prawn Puri £5.95

Spicy King Prawns served with deep fried brown bread

King Prawn Butterfly £5.50

Delicately spiced king prawns, deep fried

Pan Fried Tilapia £5.50

Pan fried masala coated tilapia

Bhatti Ka Prawn £5.95

Tandoori char grilled king prawns

Tandoori Mix Platter £7.50

Selection includes onion bhaji, samosa, chicken tikka & seekh kebab


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